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Contract: IT Administrator (Warehouse) / Atyrau

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Location: Atyrau
Location: Atyrau 5/2

• Obtaining an Electronic Digital Signature (EDS) - a set of electronic digital symbols created by means of an electronic digital signature and confirming the authenticity of an electronic document, its ownership and the invariability of its content. Registration on the portal "Information system for the receipt and processing of electronic invoices" IS ESF;
• Maintenance of the "Warehouses" directory in the "Virtual Warehouse" module, maintaining its relevance;
• Maintenance of the reference book "Remains of goods" (also Equipment (OS)) , control over the correctness of the reflection of data and their compliance with the Aggreco accounting systems (creation, deletion, adjustment), verification of the correct definition of the TN VED code;
• Working with global aircraft directories;
• Maintaining a "Journal of Forms" and timely and correct reflection of forms for the receipt, movement, write-off and adjustment of balances. Use of forms “residuals”, “details”, “forms of physical labels”, reorganization with different types;
• Posting of goods/equipment OS by processing goods declarations (DT), tax reporting forms (FNO 328.00), accompanying waybill for goods (SNT) and reconciliation of information with data received from the warehouse employee confirming the amount of received material to the warehouse;
• Movement of goods/equipment (OS) through the ESF, reflecting the movement of goods, in connection with the issuance and rejection of an additional ESF, in connection with the issuance and rejection of the corrected ESF, the movement of goods, in connection with the withdrawal of the ESF
• Analysis of identified discrepancies in sum terms
• Reflection of data on the sale of goods/equipment (OS) on the territory of Kazakhstan in the "Virtual Warehouse" module;
• Reflection of data on the amount of write-off / transfer based on data received from the materially responsible persons (service coordinators / warehouse employees /) and the contract specialist (HDC);
• Communication with the Finance Department on the fact of the need to form an ESF and its reflection in the accounting system;
• Communication with materially responsible persons (department of the warehouse and service coordinators) in terms of obtaining information about any movement of materials, and a specialist in contracts (HDC) - on the movement of equipment (OS) to enter data into the "Virtual warehouse" module;
• On a weekly basis, reconcile the number of inventories / equipment (OS) balances between the Group Accounting System (M3) - local accounting system (1C) - the Virtual Warehouse module, in case of discrepancies, communicate the discrepancy to materially responsible persons (warehouse department and service coordinators) and a contract specialist (HDC) in terms of equipment, jointly conduct an analysis, identify the causes of deviations, determine the necessary adjustments and, upon their finalization, reflect in the appropriate system (M3 - Warehouse employees; "Virtual warehouse" - virtual warehouse administrator; 1C - financial advisors).

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