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Contract: Refinery Operator / Richmond

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Location: Richmond
Refinery Operator

A refinery operator controls and monitors the petroleum refining operations in a refinery. Must be knowledgeable about the refining techniques like distillations, extraction, absorption and other methods. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Comprehensive understanding of refinery policies and procedures and Process and Personal Safety. Ensure that the refining process progresses continuously.
  • Evaluate the performance of the machinery and the refining process and make suggestions to improve efficiency. Monitor the machinery for malfunction and report to the officials
  • Handle and operate the refinery machinery. Operation of process units utilizing a wide range of control systems and equipment that includes tanks, mixers, heat exchangers, pumps, furnaces and vacuum systems

  • Man the input of crude oil and direct the flow of finished products. Operation of manual and automatic valves, meters, pumps and transfer systems that move product between tanks and process units
  • Preparing records of operations by reading the panel board values on the equipment
  • Take care of maintenance and repair of refinery equipment. Housekeeping to maintain a clean work environment and clean equipment such as filters, tanks, exchangers and other equipment. 


Skills and Specifications

  • A thorough and strong knowledge about the various processes and techniques involved in distillation of crude petroleum
  • A thorough knowledge about the handling of refining machinery and their safety standards
  • Ability to evaluate the performance of the process and suggest changes
  • Ability to work in extreme heat and physically uncomfortable conditions
  • Ability to spot irregular machine behavior and take immediate measures to repair them
Education and Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s or associate's degree in petroleum studies or equivalent of 5 years industry experience.

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