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Contract: Mud Logger / Trinidad and Tobago

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Location: Trinidad and Tobago
Duration:Contract - 6 months

The Role:
Job Summary:
The Mud Logging Analyst is an entry level position to the Geoservices Mud Logging segment for people with the university degree in Geology, Geological Applied Sciences, Earth Sciences or Applied Sciences. The Mud Logging Analyst is charged with the management of, and is accountable for, the creation of the formation evaluation logs. These logs are created from the analysis and interpretation of the drilled cuttings at the well site to determine rock type and hydrocarbon presence, as well as presence of other potentially harmful gases.

The Mud Logging Analyst reports to the Field Service Supervisor (or Field Service Manager where applicable) and is under the supervision of the Unit Supervisor. He/she also is in close and direct relationship with the Data Analyst and the client's representatives at the well site.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:
* Ensures the integrity of the samples collected; analyzes, interprets and reports in the End of Well Report and enters within the formation evaluation log all information relating to the cutting samples, and informs the client representatives.
* Is responsible for communicating to the client representatives any information regarding primary well control and well integrity during well site operations as deducted from the data
* Carries out all tasks in adherence to procedures (SWI)
* Primary responsible for maintaining and analyzing the volume balance sheet during well site operations
* Exercises his/her discretion and independent judgment to alert the Data Analyst of any discrepancies in the formation evaluation or gases analysis observed
* Is a key person involved in the detection and monitoring of potential well control situations
* Ensures the design of an accurate and comprehensive formation evaluation log according to the client's format
* Is aware of, and respects all safety regulations and procedures, as specified by the client, Drilling contractor, Geoservices or relevant safety authorities
* Uses his/her experience and judgment to improve the service quality delivery and communicates to the Data Analyst all improvement opportunities
* Interacts with other service companies' personnel and client representatives at the well site, ensuring the prevention of events that may give rise to the wellbore insecurity.
* Provides technical advice and assistance in core recovery and core description.
* Shares with other well site personnel the responsibility for rigging up and rigging down the mud logging equipment.
* Keeps the confidentiality of the client's well data
* Manages and provides support, coaching and guidance to Sample Catchers.
* Ensures compliance to all SQ standards, processes and systems.
* Reports using the QUEST system.
* Performs other duties as assigned by direct supervisor.

Previous Experience and Competencies:

University Degree (bachelor of Sciences as a minimum) in Geology, Geological Applied Sciences, Earth Sciences or Applied Sciences.

The Mud Logging Analyst is the entry level position and is seen as a key development position for the employee to be trained and developed towards a position of higher responsibility and accountability in the Geoservices career path.
The well site experience and competencies gained in geological analysis in this position are essential for further career development.

Key Competencies:
Knowledge of Drilling Equipment and Techniques; Understanding and calculation of Lag Time; Understanding of wellbore pressures; Knowledge and understanding of Petroleum Geology; Formation Evaluation Log Drafting; understanding of Drilling Fluids and Hydraulics of the Drilling Fluids; Understanding of Hydrocarbon Detection; Jet Hydraulics and Optimization; Overpressure (Causes and Detection); Drilling Fluids Rheology; Gas Detection and Analysis; Understanding of Drilling Parameters, their Acquisition and Treatment; Knowledge of Geoservices Mud Logging Sensors; H2S Awareness and Detection; Understanding of Health and Safety policies in the work place; Quality Control of Data; Electric Log Interpretation; Knowledge of Drill String Composition; Knowledge of Directional Drilling; Knowledge of Casing and Cementation Design; Knowledge of Well Testing

Qualified Level (TOEFL independent user).

* Listens and is able to communicate effectively with managers, peers and clients, both in written and verbally;
* Ability to develop strong professional relationships with the client and inspire trust and confidence; diplomatic and persuasive style;
* Integrity. Accurate and rigorous in data reporting;
* Ability to exercise his/her discretion and independent judgment; „
* Uses logic to solve problems with effective solutions; „

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