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Contract: Change Control Lead / Saudi Arabia

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Location: Saudi Arabia
Direct reporting to Business Manager;

The role holder is responsible for:

The overall performance of activities in the project related to:

    • Establishment of the change control system
    • Change co-ordination


The role holder shall on own initiative:



  • Review and preparation of necessary project specific adjustments and supplements of the change control related parts of the execution model with focus on:
    • Review the Change Control procedure and, if necessary, prepare a project specific revision of the procedure.
    • Establish Change Management application tool for project:
      - If a database based change module shall be used, ensure that project specific adjustments are made if required.
      - If a manual change handling shall be used, ensure establishment of input formats and change register.
    • Establish/agree with Client formats for “Client notification”/VOR/VO/DVO and deadlines for notice and handling of contractual changes.
    • Define numbering system for:
      - CRs
      - CNs when CNs shall be used (based on CR number and with discipline identification)
      - VOs
  • Ensure that described routines and systems contribute to an efficient and quality assured change control.
  • Make system for change control well known in project:
    • Present change control procedure & change management tool to users in project
    • Present change control procedure to Client
    • Act as user support for change management tool

  • Take personal responsibility for HSSE & Q by focusing on own behaviour.
  • Ensure establishment and maintenance of an efficient change control organisation:
    • with clear responsibilities, authorities and command/reporting lines
    • with following roles filled:
      • Change Co-ordinator (appointed by Project Manager)
      • Engineering Change Co- ordinator in modification and decommissioning projects (appointed by Engineering Manager)
      • Change Committee (appointed by Project Manager)
    • with good liaison with the rest of the project organisation.
  • Participate in teambuilding activities within the business organisation, as required.
  • Supervise the change control organisation within the project.

  • Within area of responsibility; Change Co-ordination:
    • Obtain detailed knowledge of the contract
    • Focus on project vision, goals and strategies for economy
    • Ensure that all changes in scope of work/contract are approved by Client. Evaluate the contractual basis for requests for changes to the contract towards Client based on internal project requirements and from sub-contractors or suppliers. Ensure that all estimates are reviewed before issued to Client.
    • Ensure that change mechanisms of the contract is clear and understood in the project organisation.

  • Ensure that approved changes are implemented in the project plans and budgets.

  • Establish project reporting routines and standardized report formats for Change control
  • Ensure change reporting from all departments, sites, disciplines and subcontractors in accordance with project routines.
  • Report to Business Manager and Change Committee all matters of importance.

  • Ensure focus on internal changes as well as contractual changes.
  • Establish and maintain a register of all changes.
  • Ensure that change handling is performed in accordance with the established change control system.
  • Supervise the handling of Change Requests covering:
    • Change Request (CR) identification and description
    • Client Notification, if applicable
    • CR scope estimation
    • Internal CR evaluation for internal changes
    • VOR handling for contractual changes
    • DVO handling, if applicable
    • Implementing of approved changes
  • Prepare and issue VOR notifications to Client.
  • Prepare and issue VORs to Client.
  • Follow-up VOR reply from Client.
  • Present Change Requests for Change Committee and follow-up decisions made by the Change Committee.
  • Keep the project organisation informed of the status for the various change requests.
  • Ensure follow-up of subcontractors, with respect to approved changes.
  • Implement corrective actions as necessary/agreed

  • Summary of  tasks
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of the HUC Contract and overall Frame Agreement;
  • Overall responsibility for external (contractual) and internal change management and coordination;
  • Ensure approved changes are implemented within plans and budgets;
  • Establish and maintain change control register within project management system;
  • Present and report to Project Change Committee;
  • Prepare and issue project Variation Order Requests and Variation Orders;
  • Qualifications & personal attributes
  • Bachelor (BSc) / Master degree (MSc) or equivalent work experience;
Experience with Saudi Aramco procedures and work routines preferred.

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