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07 Feb 2016  
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For legal reasons we are unable to provide any advice regarding work permits, visa's, NOC's, Letters of Release or any related immigration advice.


Could you please provide me with the e-mail Id and Postal address of Senior Labor officials (Saudi Arabia) where I can complain for the problems that many people are facing in our company. Please help and response me on my Id.


Hello Please

Please go to (copy and paste into your browser address bar)

This will take you to the Ministry of Labour's Guidebook for Expatriates.

Scroll down to the bottom where you will find a complete list of all the Labour offices in the kingdom, along with their contract telephone numbers.

Call the nearest Labour Office to where you are based for further advice.

Regards, Dave



Hello Sir,

I am a Doctor.I joined one polyclinic in Saudi Arabia four months ago. The contract is for two years. I am specialist of ICU, but here the hospital for which I was recruited is under construction and may take another 6 months to one year to complete, hence my employer has asked me to work in his polyclinic.

I am getting terribly bored and working in polyclinic is going to ruin my technical and clinical expertise in ICU care. Since I have finished three months of probationary period, does that mean I lost my right to resign and go back? Is it compulsory to finish the two years of contract period? My collegues are saying the owner is not a co-operative person and if I approach him for resgnation, he may ask for three months salary etc.

If I resign saying i shall serve the three months notice period and then go wont that be sufficient? Or is the best option for me is to wait till my annual vacation and then go on vacation and not return?



I would advise that you contact your nearest Labour Office in the Kingdom. There are some 37 Labour Office scattered around the country so there will be one near to you.

One of their purposes is to answer all questions relating to work contracts and workers rights.

The full list of these offices with contact phone numbers can be found at

This is a Guidebook for expatriates recruited for work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2006 edition.



Dear Sir,

I will be very glad if you can give a piece of information in regards to term-unspecified contract in Saudi Arabia.

I joined the company in july 2002. I collect some information from my Human Resources Manager where he informed that if the company terminates an employee he will get the full ESB (ie.. 1/2 salary for 5 years and 1 salary from sixth year) where as if an employee resign then (1/3 of first 5 year ESB and 2/3 from sixth year).

If there is no contract signed each year then it is considered as term-unspecified contract. So at any time the employee wants to terminate he will be losing.

Is it OK with the law or the company just want to cheat on employee with this information. Please guide because the company doesn't want to leave me and at the same time doesn't want to pay more. I am having a lot of good offers and either case i have to quit the job.



I would advise that you contact your nearest Labour Office in the Kingdom. There are some 37 Labour Office scattered around the country so there will be one near to you.

One of their purposes is to answer all questions relating to work contracts and workers rights.

The full list of these offices with contact phone numbers can be found at

This is a Guidebook for expatriates recruited for work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2006 edition.

Regards, Dave




I have held many senior IT managment positions here in Canada but did not complete my bachelors degree although I was close and completed 4 years of Computer Science at the University of Alberta in Canada.

I am told that employers in Qatar will not be able to get me a Work Visa for a management position without my degree. Is there absolutely no way around this or hope that my qualifications as a whole will be considered?


Qatar, along with many other countries in the Gulf require all those in managerial or highly technical positions, such as engineers to have a degree or in some cases a diploma or other relevent qualification. The qualification should also be attested or certified by the issuing authority and/or embassy.

These measures were introduced to prevent the high number of cases of people taking managerial positions with fake qualifications.

It might just be possible to get the visa if you have some sort of certificate or diploma from the University that is relevent to the position you are applying for, i.e. IT. Duly attested and certified etc. If not then there is little you can probably do, other than work on a visit/business visa, which is technically illegal and unlikely that the employer would be happy about this - especially if he can recruit someone with the correct qualifications.

Regards, Dave



Hi there..

Kindly help me out on my problem pls..

My boyfriend is a US citizen (Navy) but Filipino and a catholic, he is divorced and we are just waiting for the judge in the US to finally sign the divorce decree..

My boyfriend MARRIED IN A COURT IN THE USA & NOT IN A CHURCH IN THE USA/ANY OTHER COUNTRY.. when I went in a Catholic Church here in Dubai to inquire on how to apply for a wedding, the parish priest told me that the divorce case of my boyfriend should still undergo thru the church tribunal for further study on the grounds of his divorce since the divorce decree is not enough proof that he can already be free to marry me..

I told this to my boyfriend & he consulted their "Chaplain" on the ship & said that it is not needed that it has to undergo on the "church tribunal" since he got married only in the court & the church has nothing to do with it..

As per the law in the USA if the person is married in a court & got divorced, the "DIVORCE DECREE" is enough proof that the previous marriage is null & void.

The chaplain also said that they are following the USA LAW because this was held in a COURT IN USA..

All the necesarry documents are almost prepared for the both of us and we are just waiting for the "Divorce Decree" to be finally signed by the court so we could register & file for our application in the Church but the Priest told us to do this first and wait for the nullity certificate coming from the church tribunal before we will be allowed to marry here in Dubai.

Is that realy the case?
thank u Marge

Hello Marge

Unfortunately I am not an expert in either Cannon Law or the US Law.

Either way, US Law will not necessarily apply in Dubai.

If there is a difference of opinion between the Catholic Priest in Dubai and the US Navy Chaplain, I would recommend that somehow those two should try to resolve this between them and then follow their advice.

Perhaps the US Navy Chaplain can contact the Priest in St. Mary's Church, Dubai on Tel: +971 4 3370087, fax +971 4 3347595 or email at feedback@saintmarysdubai.com

There are several priests at St. Mary's Church in Dubai, therefore the one with who you have been talking to, could be wrong. The top guy at the church is His Excellency Most. Rev. Bishop Paul Hinder Ap. Vicar of Arabia who looks after the whole of the Arabian peninsular and not just Dubai. I am sure he would be able to resolve this quickly.

Good luck, Dave



Dear Dave,

Will you please let me know that what is the End of Service (ESB) entitlement for a person working in Qatar on a Working Visit Visa (which is valid for six months only) as per Local Labor Law of 2004?



According to Article (54) ESB (End of Service Benefits) shall be payable to those employees with one or more years of continuous service.

Therefore if you have been working in Qatar for less than one year (i.e. 6 months) you shall not be entitled to any ESB.

Regards, Dave



Hi Dave,

This is just a quickie for you.
Do you know if there are any age limits for the "more experienced" expats working overseas.

I'm 67 and had worked for 18 years in the Middle East before returning to the UK in 2004. I'm now looking to get back over there.

Hello Pete

Many companies throughout the Middle East seriously recognise people with extensive experience such as yourself.

Unfortunately, their hands are tied in that their governments have imposed age restrictions regarding the issue of Work Permits/Visa's, ranging from 55 to 60

Further restrictions are being imposed on potential employers regarding their qualifications. Quite often they are now demanding certified original copies of degrees/diplomas etc.

The only place that I am aware of that have very few restrictions (at the moment) is Iraq.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Dave"




I want to seek your help, I worked in Saudi for 7 yrs. For the 1st company I was forced to resign as decided by the mnagement because of one guy who was caught bringing religious materials in KSA.

I am one of he 9 filipinos who were invited by the police for questioning. That guy was deported and we were sent home and received all our benefits from the company.

After 10 months I applied again using the same passport and state the reason for leaving the 1st company and I was hired by MOH and work in Madina for 2 yrs. Then I resigned again. The ticketing office of MOH arranged my flight and I have a chence to pass by Dhahran from Madinah to submit my application to Aramco my first company.

After 1 yr got no response from Aramco. The director of King Fahd in Mdinah asked me if I want to come bck and he sent his letter to Saudi recruitment office in the Philippines.

To my surprise after processing all the documents, I was not given a visa.

I applied again to other agency and I got the same response, DENIED with remarks from the embassy not to re-apply for a visa.

I really wonder what happened at the the embassy to deny me a visa. Is there a way I could inquire the reasons of denial. I want to go back in KSA again to work.


Looks like they don't like you anymore!

The Saudi's are very sensetive about people importing religious items into KSA. This is strictly forbidden. The fact that you personally were not the one who imported these items, makes little difference as you have been implicated with the offender.

It would appear that you have been given a permanent ban from returning to Saudi and the only people who can answer your question as to why you have banned or for how long is the Saudi Aurthorities themselves - should they chose to tell you.

I guess you first port of call will have to be the Saudi Embassy in Manila, although don't be surprised if they are not very helpful.

Alternatively, try looking for a job elsewhere, other than Saudi Arabia.

Regards, Dave"



Hello Dave,

I want to join Expats because I am interested in working in Italy, BUT I am a US citizen...is that a major problem when trying to work in the EU?

I have 20 years of project controls experience in primarily petro-chemical - refinery, offshore piplines, sea-islands and Arctic modular work.

I've worked for CF Braun, Brown & Root, Parson, Worley.

I am also applying for Italian citizenship so I will have dual citizenship in ~ 1 year.

<>p>Do you see any benefit to joing at this time?

Thank you for your time.

Regards, Chris

Basically the Italian work permit scheme is administered regionally, so implementation differs significantly depending on the exact destination within Italy.

Italian work permits must be sponsored by an Italian company. They can not be applied for directly by a potential employee or by an agency.

Processing times vary between regions, but the average is about two months.

More information about visiting and living in Italy by Americans can be found on the US Diplomatic Mission to Italy website at http://italy.usembassy.gov/acs/general-visiting.asp

Further information on Italian Dual Citizenship can be found on the Italiamerica website at

We do have a substantial number of vacancies in Italy where the employer may very well be prepared to apply for the work permit if the candidate is a non-EU citizen.

However, for this to happen then it would be quite likely that no EU candidates were available that fitted exactly what the employer was looking for.

If you can speak Italian and live in Italy, then it would be much easier to find a job where the Italian employer would be prepared to apply for the work permit.

I do hope this helps.

Regards, Dave



Dear Sir,

Good day to you.

I am working before 2 years in Saudi Arabia. I went home in Philippines with exit/re-entry visa when I decided not to come back, because when I inform my previous company regarding this they want me to go back in Saudi and file my resignation, but if I will file my resignation in Saudi Arabia they want me to pay for the other year of contract and I think it is unreasonable in my part to surrender their visa and pay for the another year of my contract, since I have unpaid insentives with them.

Now I would like to go back there to work in other company, but I dont have a No Objection Letter from my previous one because they not giving this letter even a certificate of employment.

Right now I have a new employer to issue a working visa. Please advise me what to do to prevent making a problem in the future and may I know the duration of the ban, and a new Saudi Labor Law regarding this.

Thanks and hope you can help me.


The new Saudi Labor Law has recently, affective from 15 Oct 2006 in which an NOC is no longer necessary for an employee to change jobs.

The exact translation from Arabic into English is still not available but from what I understand is that the New Labor Law has abolished the general obligation for any period before return after terminating service, unless it is specifically stipulated in the contract. If the contract does not say anything about a period of return after termination of service, then you may return at any time and does not need NOC.

There are three provisions in NLL pertinent to this subject. These are Articles (83), (244) and (eight).

Article (83) translates as follows: “If the work assigned to the workman allows him to know the clients of the employer, or to see the secrets of his work, the employer may put in a condition that the workman shall not, after the termination of the contract, compete with him or divulge his secrets. For this condition to be valid it must be written and defined, in time, place, kind of work and within the necessity to protect the legal interests of the employer. In all cases the period of the agreement must not exceed two years from the date of the termination of the relationship between the two parties.”

Article (244) stipulates the following: “This law replaces the Labor and Workmen Law’ promulgated by Royal Decree No. (M/21) dated 6/9/1389 H. It annuls all provisions that conflict with it. Work shall continue in accordance with the bye-laws and decisions issued before the effect of this law until modified.”

Article (eight) of NLL stipulates: “Any condition in contradiction with this law is considered null and void. Any waiver or settlement regarding the rights of the workman originating from this law during the validity of the contract, are considered void, unless it is more beneficial for the workman.”

On this basis, any previous instructions limiting the freedom of a workman not agreed by himself, limiting his freedom of work and contracting are in conflict with these two articles. At the same time there is a paramount principle that no law or regulation may be inconsistent with Shariah Law.

An employee comes to work in Saudi Arabia and is surprised to find that there is some regulation that he must continue work with his current employer; otherwise he has to leave the country and not return for another employer before at least one year. That is illegal and against Shariah and the Law.

There are two more provisions of Saudi Law pertinent to this matter.

Article (7) of the Basic Law (Constitution) stipulates: “Rule in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia derives its Authority from the Book of God and Tradition of His Prophet (pbuh). They are the two Rules above this Law and all Laws of the State.”

The Law of the Judiciary, M/64 dated 14/7/1395 H. (23 July 1975), Part ONE, Independence of the Judiciary and its Guarantees, Article 1, stipulates: “Judges are independent and, in the administration of justice, they shall be subject to no authority other than the provisions of Shariah and laws in force. No one may interfere with the Judiciary.”

I hope this helps

Regads, Dave



Dear Sir

I am an Indian citizen who came to Malaysia on Social Visa.

I would like to know that since my husband is working here from the last 4 months. Can my Social Visa be converted into Dependent Visa in Malaysia or again I have to go back to India for this purpose.


I'm not so sure if you will actually need to leave Malaysia first in order to obtain a Dependent Pass.

Presuming that your husband already has an Employment Pass, then he would submit the application for the Dependent Pass to the Immigration Department of Malaysia, with a covering letter, DP11 Form, Passport Sized Photo, Proof of Marriage and Birth Certificate along with the fee of RS50.

More information can be obtained from the Headquarters of the Department of Immigration, Malaysia (Ministry of Home Affairs) at Level 1-7 (Podium) Block 2G4, Federal Government Administration Centre, 62550 Putrajaya, Federal Territory. Telephone 03-8880 1000.

Regards, Dave



Dear sir,

Good day I am working in Saudi Arabia and I am going to have my leave this coming May.

They have given me an advance for a ticket instead of paying for that ticket. The problem is this, I got offer for a new job in saudi and I can get my family there.

If I'm not going to back to my job and get new offer I will say to them that I can't go back because my grandpa needs me to take care of him because I'm the only one.

The truth is I will accept the other offer. What is the best solution for this?

I really want to get the new offer. If I did not return to my old job and got the new one, are they going to ban me from entering the kingdom? Please help me solve this, I've been looking for this for such along time.

Thank you, love Jap

Hello Jap

As per the Saudi Immigration law, you will not able to re-enter to Saudi Arabia.

You should ask your current Sponsor if he would be prepared to issue you with a Letter of No Objection or a Release Letter should you decide to resign. If he refuses, then you will not be able to return to Saudi Arabia to take up a job for a period of 3 years.

Furthermore, you will not be able to board a flight to return to Saudi Arabia without a valid visa and your new Sponsor will be unable to get a new visa for you without permission from your existing sponsor.

Regards, Dave



Dear Dave,

I am curently working in UAE with a reasonable pay and have taken few bank loans, which I took to start a business for a partner in my home town which failed and have nothing to prove for.

I know I cannot resign from my job and leave U.A.E.

I am presently going thru serious financial issues where my pay is not going to support for some of my loans 'cos my credit card bill has amounted to so much.

I have a major family issue in my home country and family are pressuring me to return permanently.

I am in a huge mess.

I have also tried calling other low interest rate banks but my liability is so high they are unable to take over 'cos they can only have x20 of my salary.

I dare not share my problem with anybody and ask for solutions.

I appreciate your suggestion.

Thanks, Kat

Hello Kat

Sorry to see you've got into the mess your in but in all honesty, I am not qualified to give any advice in these sort of matters, other than to say try talking to your bank, lenders, credit card, etc., with the view of reducing the payments you have to make.

Regards, Dave



Hello Dave,

I'd like to know the rules about the work visa/work permit in Qatar.

You see my brother is there and his visa/permit expired. He's with his employer though, but it kinda takes months for him to get back home. My brother said that his visa was renewed and the passport is still with, I really dont know if with the embassy or with his employer.



Your brother's visa will have been renewed by his employer. This can take several weeks.

It is possible that your brother's employer is holding his passport for safe keeping because your brother cannot leave Qatar unless the employer applies for an exit visa first.

Regards, Dave

Dave Smith Expats Direct Ltd (www.expatsdirect.com) "


hi dave,

Well A big problem have comes here. Plz can you suggest me what to do??? Actually i had applied for working visa through recruitment company in my country in August. But due to delay by them, after a month i cancelled my process and tried another means go get visa. And start for another process.

And before few days I was informed by my friend who is trying to issue my visa, "that my visa have already been issued before"Said by representative of Immigration office. I was shocked since with recruitment agent i had already cancelled more over they hadn't proceed my document that time also for visa.

I dont know what to do? While asking with agent they says they havent got my visa and even not done any process. And I cant get visa for Qatar untill my visa expire or cancel that visa which i am really unknown how it comes and who is the sponsor.

Can any one suggest me that what process I could do to find out who is my sponsor?, When It being issued?, Who issued it? and What i have to do to know all these things? So that I can process for getting visa again soon.Plz Help me with some information.

regards, ritesh

Hello Ritesh

Looks like you're confused and being so, have certainly confused me as well.

Work visa's are only issued when a Qatar sponsor (an employer who is going to employ you) applies for such a visa and this can take more than 4 weeks. Therefore your impatience in cancelling the first visa that was being applied for through a recruitment company was maybe a bit premeture.

I would suggest you clarify the situation with the person who applied for the visa in first instance, that is the recruitment company.

regards, Dave



Hello Dave,

I am a 33 yr. old Filipina still single, and my boyfriend is a Saudi National (already married in Saudi). Recently, I converted to Islam as we plan to marry soon here in Dubai. I am a Nurse here and he comes to see me every 4 to 5 months.

I received a certificate from Department of Islamic Affairs here in Dubai, stating that I am already a Muslim but I am not sure what's the next thing for me to do.

I hope you can guide me regarding the next step; where to go, documents to be needed and to process from me as a Filipino and him as a Saudi national, who can officiate our marriage and how much fees to be settled.

Be waiting for your details...

Thanks and best regards


This is not going to be easy because as a Muslim lady you must have either your father or other legal guardian to give authorisation for you to be married. Furthermore, both you and your Saudi boyfriend must have valid UAE Residence Visa's.

Islamic Marriages are performed at the Marriage Sections of the Dubai Courts (Tel: 04-334-777).


I would recommend that your Saudi boyfriend speak to the Dubai Courts (in Arabic) to ascertain exactly what is required for an Islamic marriage in Dubai between a Saudi and converted Filipina.

Regards, Dave



Hi Dave,

Your advice is wise and practical.

I have a friend who left job in Qatar in Business Visa. How ever sponsor applied for a Work Visa after he left Qatar and he has no intention to go back to Qatar and join the sponsor again.

My question is how long the Work Visa is valid (period)for not endorsing in the passport and where to get details of expired work visa details.

Kindly give details.

Thanks & Regards, Ram


A Qatar Work Visa is normally valid for one year.

As your friends Sponsor would have paid around 220 Riyals for the visa, which is not now going to be used, it is quite likely that he will attempt to have the visa cancelled in order to get his money back.

Furthermore, as the visa has not been stamped in the passport and your friend is not in Qatar, then the visa would not have been activated anyway.

I would however, advise your friend to check with the nearest Qatar Embassy regarding the status should your friend decide to return to Qatar.



Hi Dave

you sound like an amicable person...so I decided to email. I'm a Filipina and my American boyfriend works in the States as a sprinkler fitter in a new hotel being constructed there.

Is there any job opening in Saudi that could get him the same position and salary so he can work nearer to manila?
thanks! Victoria

Hello Victoria

Any jobs for Sprinkler Fitters in Saudi Arabia are likely to be filled by Asians from the Indian sub-continent or by Filipino's because their salary package is much lower than what would be paid to an American.

Not sure which map you are looking at but Saudi Arabia is not much nearer to Manila than the USA!

Regards, Dave



Dear Sir,

I am currently in Singapore, arrived here last February and been gone to Manila for two times since I got here. I'm planning to be back in Dubai on a VISIT VISA sponsorship from a friend,I have been there last 2005-2007 January before I came here to Singapore.

Do I have to come home to Philippines or I can go straight to Dubai from Singapore?

Hoping you can help me out as I dont want to have visa/immigration problems

Thank You Very Much. Aimee Chan

Hello Aimee

Your friend must sponsor you a Tourist Visa and he or she must earn over Dhs 4,000 per month and hold a valid Residence Visa.

Procedures involved in issuing a tourist visa require that the you fill out a visa application form, which you should be able to obtain from the UAE Embassy in Singapore and submit it to the sponsor (your friend) along with a first few pages of your passport.

With these details, your friend can apply for a tourist visa, which will cost Dhs. 650 (US$ 178) and take a maximum of 7 days to issue. The sponsor must deposit the visitor's tourist visa at the airport immigration at least one hour before the your flight arrives, which will cost Dhs. 10 (US$ 3) for processing.

On arrival at Dubai airport you must then collect the visa from the visa office before proceeding to immigration/passport control.

Regards, Dave



Dear sir

My name is Mohd Khaja Khutbuddin from India , Sir i have done Mtech in Electronis and i have 2 years of experience in education fields in india , Sir now i want to go abroad (Any were in UAE)in the same field to work , how should i approach,
please Guide me Sir


Hello Mohd

I would recommend searching the Internet for various job boards and when you see a job for which you are qualified and experienced - and interests you - apply by sending an up-to-date CV (or bio-data) as an email MS Word attachment, ensuring that this is free from spelling mistakes and grammatically correct.

Do not attach any photos or pics of certificates or yourself, unless specifically asked to do so.

You should also write a brief note in the email message box, which should also be free from spelling mistakes and grammatically correct.

Then wait for an answer. However, many recruiters only reply to job applications that have been successful or have been short-listed.

regards, Dave



Hi Dave,

I don't actually have a question (you'll doubless be relieved to know). I am a new member and have just been trawling through some of the letters. Some of them make fascinating reading and I would just like to say that I admire your patience and 'tact'. Cheers. Gary.

Hi Gary

What a very pleasant surprise. Many thanks

Regards, Dave



I am staying here in Kuwait for the last 8 years under Mo.18 visa. I brought my wife on visit visa (No.14). CAN IS TRANSFER MY WIFE VISA FROM NO.14 (VISIT VISA) TO NO.22 (DEPENDENT VISA) ??

Please reply.


As you're so familiar with the Visa numbers, it looks like you know more about Kuwaiti visa's than I.

With your own residency (18-Visa) and providing you earn a minimum of KD650 per month you may sponsor your wife and dependent children.

I don't think you actually "transfer" the visit visa to a dependent visa but you can apply for a dependent visa while your family is visiting Kuwait on a visit visa. The visit visa being cancelled on the issue of the dependent visa - but regulations do change with little notice.

A working wife cannot sponsor her husband as a dependent. Sons over 21 years cannot be sponsored as dependents, though adult daughters and parents may. Dependent family member may not work without transferring to a work visa under Kuwaiti sponsorship.

An entry visa for a dependent is obtained at the jawazaat in Shuwaikh. An application form must be typed in Arabic and bilingual typists are available for as charge of 500 files. The following supporting documents are required:

Sponsor’s salary certificate
Copy of the sponsor’s civil ID
Copy of the dependent’s passport
Authenticated marriage certificate or child’s birth certificate

The marriage certificate and child’s birth certificate must be authenticated by the sponsor’s embassy and certificate by the Kuwait Ministry of foreign Affairs.

Once they have entered the country the formalities for a dependent’s iqama are similar to those for a work visa. The dependent must be medically tested and fingerprinted. The photographs and documents required are the same as shown above except for the work permit. The sponsor’s declaration is an undertaking by the family supporter that he will maintain the dependent.

For expatriate sponsors working in the private sector, the first year dependent residence fees for a wife and the first two children are KD 100 a person and KD 200 each for subsequent children. For public sector employees, first year fees for a wife and the first two children are KD 10 a person and KD 100 each for subsequent children. Renewal fees in all cases are KD 10 a year per person. However the fee for a dependent parent is KD 200 a year.

Regards, Dave




I am a licensed gas fitter and do service maintenance and repairs on hvac equipment, along with air conditioning and refrigeration.

I was wondering what the market is in Dubai for these types of jobs. I am a Canadian citizen and 26 years old. I was wondering what steps have to be taken to work in Dubai for a period of under 1 year. Thanks


This type of work is usually done by people from Asia because they can be employed on a much lower salary than that of someone from the West. Furthermore, most contracts of employment are for a minimum of 12 months or more.

Jobs in more senior positions, such as supervisory, managerial or engineering jobs that are often filled by Westerners require a college or university degree in order for the employer to obtain the Work Permit.

Regard, Dave




I am working as a Senior Planner for Civil Engineering projects with a renowed British Managed Company in Muscat, Oman.

Due to revision in the HSMP Scheme (Highly Skilled Migrants Programme), I was not able to get through it even though I was eligible with the previous HSMP Regulations.

Now being desperate to get settled as a professional planner in UK, I am just looking for other options. Sir even though I am selected by many consultants in the first moment, they are not able to help me to find jobs sponsored by companies, so I could process my WORK PERMIT visa on my own.

Please guide me to find jobs with companies who could provide oppurtunities for non EU Candidates. Could I get any websites address or any further guidance which will be useful for Non EU candidates searching for employors willing to sponsor for work permits.

Thanks, Regards, Naresh

Hello Naresh

Unfortunately you will not be able to process your UK work permit on your own.

Only employers are able to apply for a work permit to employ non-EU nationals and the majority of employers would be reluctent to go through with this procedure if they can fill their vacancies locally within the UK by either UK Nationals or EU citizens.

Best regards, Dave


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