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01 Sep 2014  
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List of Overseas Jobs. There are currently 660 vacancies available.
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Location Added on
Welding Machine Operators x 3 Angola 01-Sep-14
Field Compliance Coordinator Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 01-Sep-14
Senior Inspector Engineer Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 01-Sep-14
Unconventional Geologist Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 01-Sep-14
Reservoir Description Engineer / Petrophysicist Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 01-Sep-14
Head of Manufacturing UAE 01-Sep-14
Pipeline Installation Engineer Rotterdam, Netherlands 01-Sep-14
Project Services Analyst Denver, USA 01-Sep-14
Procurement Specialist Houston, USA 01-Sep-14
Site HR Manager Labrador, Canada 01-Sep-14
Civil Engineering Manager St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada 01-Sep-14
GBS Survey Software Specialist St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada 01-Sep-14
Pipeline Support Coordinator Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada 01-Sep-14
Equipment Maintenance Strategies/PPM Development Saudi Arabia 01-Sep-14
Workover Team Leader Iraq 01-Sep-14
Control Room Operator Kurdistan, Iraq 01-Sep-14
Performance Manager Iraq 01-Sep-14
Sr. Project Engineer 4.7.11 Qatar 01-Sep-14
Mechanical Supervisor Kurdistan, Iraq 01-Sep-14
Senior Reservoir Engineer - Field Development Abu Dhabi, UAE 01-Sep-14
Sr. Geophysicist Abu Dhabi, UAE 01-Sep-14
Geophysicist (Interpretation) Abu Dhabi, UAE 01-Sep-14
Geology Specialist Abu Dhabi, UAE 01-Sep-14
Senior Turbine Technician Abu Dhabi, UAE 01-Sep-14
Procurement/ERP Coordinator Saudi Arabia 01-Sep-14
Incident and Injury Free Coordinator Qatar 01-Sep-14
IVB Coordinator Geoje, South Korea 01-Sep-14
Technical & Operations Manager - Ready Mixed Concrete Bahrain 01-Sep-14
Precast Operations Manager Bahrain 01-Sep-14
Topside ICAPS administrator Paris, France 29-Aug-14
Well Services Engineering Team Leader Iraq 29-Aug-14
Intrumentation Engineer Lagos, Nigeria 29-Aug-14
Operations Supervisor Algeria 29-Aug-14
Senior Purchaser Netherlands 29-Aug-14
Cable Installation Engineer Rotterdam, Netherlands 29-Aug-14
Mechanical Maintenance Technician Perth, Australia 29-Aug-14
Commercial Manager (Downstream) Qatar 29-Aug-14
Senior Geotechnical Engineer Bangalore, India 29-Aug-14
Head of HSE India 29-Aug-14
Project Controls Manager Oman 29-Aug-14
2 x Offshore Electrical QC Inspectors Saudi Arabia 29-Aug-14
Planning Engineer Angola 29-Aug-14
Mechanical Supervisor Angola 29-Aug-14
Welder Bulgaria 29-Aug-14
Cost Manager Qatar 29-Aug-14
4291 - Pavement and Grounds Supervisor Egypt, Egypt 28-Aug-14
4290 - Dining Hall Foreman Egypt, Egypt 28-Aug-14
4288 - HSE Superintendent Muscat, Muscat, Muscat Province, Oman 28-Aug-14
4287 - Operations Manager Oman, Oman 28-Aug-14
Completion Engineer India 28-Aug-14

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